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    Old site. Still PR 4 got off to a great start. But, I soon found myself with too many projects and just let it fade away.

    It once came up around #3 in several searches on google for hacks or templates, etc. of different forum software.

    It has a PR 4 (was PR 5 not so long ago) and still receives ~300 uniques a month, viewing >1000 pages.

    Any thoughts on what it would be worth if I decided to sell?

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    Well 300 uniques a month is not enough to worth something interesting, I mean by that, you can buy a textlink on a good site for about 10$/month and you'll probably get those 300 uniques per month.

    I would say a low xxx$ at max.


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    Well if you want to sale it send me what you want for it I would be interested thanks!

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