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    Is this an OK way to organize my site files?

    I'm building a site that is likely to adopt an encyclopedic format. The number of entries could grow to quite a large number, which is why I'd like to get the design right early on...

    Basically, I was thinking of organizing the entries in the following directory structure:

    Encyclopedia (folder)
    --Entry A (folder)

    The idea behind this is that every single folder has exactly the same filenames, which makes linking to them from a template much simpler. Of course, the downside is that, if the directory structure was removed, I'd be totally screwed... that is, X files called intro.htm, X files called anothersection.htm, and so on.

    Is there a better way to design the site file hierarchy, to prevent headaches further down the line? Perhaps it would be advisable to name each file in a folder $filename_EntryX.htm instead, and then have the template link to $filename*.htm (sorry, I am very new to website publishing - is there such a thing as partial linking in straight HTML)? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I think your best solution would be to use wiki software, a type of CMS which is particularly well-suited to encyclopedia-type sites, such as wikipedia uses. You'll have all the templating issues you bring up handled for you, plus a revision control system if you want one.

    I highly recommend PmWiki but there are a large number you can choose from:
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    Thing is, while the site is going to be structured somewhat like an encyclopedia, that's more or less where the similarity ends. If at all possible, I'd like to complete the construction without the use of third-party templates. So far, so good (despite the newbie questions ). If you wouldn't mind, what are your opinions on the following:

    1. Is having loads of files with the same name (but of course in different folders) an enormous design flaw in your opinion? You can't see a more logical way for me to structure the site?

    2. Alas, for each of these folders, I am also considering implementing a 2nd-level Dreamweaver template for the pages therein. Hence, we are looking at a single 1st-level page template, and maybe 60+ 2nd-level page templates. Does this nesting templates scheme seem somewhat ill-advised to you?

    In any case, thanks for the help. I am going to look at the Wiki pages in more detail, but in all probability I will continue to try to complete the site templates myself.

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    Originally posted by Gen_Del_Pilar
    ...If at all possible, I'd like to complete the construction without the use of third-party templates...
    You make your own template for a CMS of any variety, as opposed to managing your site with Dreamweaver. Then, instead of editing your content within DW, you just log in to your CMS and post a new article. The template you've designed is applied automatically when that article is accessed.

    Then you don't have to worry about what filenames to use, just what to title your pages. Navigation links are handled automatically, instead of pulling up DW to edit a file using a template.

    The real reason for using Wiki software, is as follows: Let's say you have an article about pillows. Then, in another article, you use the word pillow. Wiki software will automatically link the word pillow, to the article about pillows, if you so choose.

    That way, if you rename a page, the wiki will automatically change all those links for you. Try that using Dreamweaver templates.

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