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    Small (pixel) fonts???

    I'm just wondering which type of font could be used for those small 80x15 images for Firefox, CSS, XHTML, etc banners on this website: (bottom right)


    i want to make something like that, but every font I've tried doesnt turn out to be THAT clear and sharp at that size.


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    Here ya go, give these a whirl (30 pages of "pixel" fonts)...
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    if that's not one of the most helpful posts ever, I dunno what is...

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    Glad to be of service
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    I think silkscreen is the best pixel font... try that.

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    Those little buttons all use Jason Kottke's Silkscreen, which is freely available. Adam Kalsey has also created an automatic Button Maker script which can be used to generate the buttons with any colors and text you like.

    As far as I know, the trend of that style of button originated with Jeremy Hedley's Steal These Buttons, where he created the first set of them.
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    Also check out for some great pixel fonts. They are shareware but I personally love their selection.
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    Wow thanks for all of the helpful resources guys.
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    Hi there. I followed you guys back from through my referrer logs - just an added note about the silkscreen font...if you're setting it in Photoshop it really only looks good at nine point, with no enhancements but there are bold and extended versions around too.

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