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    PaybyWeb - switches deal after taking payment

    Has anybody else experienced problems with PaybyWeb?

    I paid David Weiss of PaybyWeb $199 to setup my merchant account.

    After having paid him, he suddenly palmed me off, without my prior knowledge) to an outfit called "Volpay".

    I emailed several people at Volpay, but not one could tell me the registered name of their company, their registered address, nor even their country of registration!

    When I looked on forums, I only found negative feedback on Volpay from other merchants who had not been paid large sums of money, had constant delays and excuses for receiving their payments, and having large sums withheld unreasonably.

    Neither Volpay nor PaybyWeb could tell me one website for whom Volpay had processed payments for more than 6 months.

    Needless to say, I did not go ahead with this deal PaybyWeb tried to suddenly switch me to AFTER taking my money. No merchant in his right mind woulld entrust his $25,000 per month business to such an outfit with no verifable address or track record.

    So, when I contacted David Weiss of PaybyWeb again, he suggested I still deal with Volpay!!!!! And now he's refusing to refund the $199 fee.

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    ps. for those who dont know, a company's registered name and address allows you to then conduct a company search on them which can report things like:-

    - when they were established
    - what their accounts for the last financial year revealed
    - whether there are any pending lawsuits
    - what is their net worth etc.

    In essence, the facts you'd need to know to determine whether you can trust them, what risks you would be taking, and whether they are capable of paying you on time.

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    All I know is that VolPay is an offshore, 3rd party aggregate account. I believe they are out of the UK.

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    You might want to do a search here on Volpay. I think they scammed a lot of people

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