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    Like poker? please help me

    I really didn't know where to put this.

    Im putting up a site having to do with a couple of things on poker and I was wondering if some of you people would be kind enough to Donate some Tips/Articles of your own having to do with your personal experience on poker. Either Texas Hold'em, Omaha, or 7 Card Stud.

    It would really be appreciated. If you would like, please pm me Your First Name and last Name Initial, email address and the tip/article.

    Sorry again mods.. I really didnt know where to ask this favor at.
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    I like poker, play it a couple times a week, but....I don't know; its kinda hard to summarize it. I think anyone who gives techniques out are doing it for money, or not really true; you kinda have to rely on a gut feeling for most of it; but I guess there are some set rules as to which coulds you should/shouldn't play...but I think its really against who you're playing and their style, your cards, your feeling, your chip count, ect.
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    Stupid Question: Is 7 card stud the same as 7 card draw?

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    7 card stud means that once you have recieved your seven cards, it's either bet call or fold. There is no further drawing.

    Personally, I usually see the initial bidding in a game like Texas Hold'em. I'm an agressive card player, which is probably why it's a good thing I never play for money.
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