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    Unhappy Domains cancelled 1 year ago... is there some way to remove my name and address...

    ... from domain info? [ title was too long ]


    I had(have?) few com/net/org domains that i cancelled along with webhosting plan over 1 year ago.
    ( This provider always charges for 2 years of domain registration. )
    I'm even not sure whether i'm still the real owner of these domains or not...
    Anyway in "WHO IS" info ( for example at nic . com ) there is still my name and address.

    It's quite a big problem for me because the topic of the sites was a bit bizzar,
    and i don't like to be brought in connection with it anymore.

    So my questions are :

    1. The deletion of domains is quite expensive anywhere, right?
    There is no domain names provider that would delete a domain for $10?

    2. Since i cancelled ( asked for deletion of ) these domains over 1 year ago already,
    do i have the right to demand from my ex-provider to change the info to it's own or just anything?
    Is there such rule/regulation? i mean, it would be just fair...
    Nobody uses these domains since over 1 year already...

    3. If not, do i have the right at least to demand
    that these ( formally cancelled ) domains should be allowed be transfered to other provider?
    ( i don't need these domains and i'm not rich,
    but i would rather pay namecheap for 1 year registration ( NC still has free WhoisGuard for 1st year )
    than have my real name and address to be listed in info of these domains...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hm... i wanted to be prepared before i call the provider
    and know my rights and options
    since the last call and fax few month ago changed nothing.

    But i just didn't want to wait longer and called them before anyone answered to my topic.
    It *appears* to go better this time,
    they told me that anything will be deleted within 2 weeks
    ( well, they did last time too, but more hesitant if i remember right... )

    So i would not mind this topic to be deleted,
    if in 2 weeks all domains are still there then i could post it again ^^
    ( sure except someone thinks that these are good questions and it could help others in the future
    if someone still answers... )

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    you dont need to bother with whois guard

    It dosent matter were you move your domains to as long as you can modify the whois info.

    Since you dont care about the domains it dosent matter if you add false info because its no loss if icann deletes it.
    I could tell you a joke about UDP. But I'm not sure you would get it!

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    do you remember the date you registered your domain?

    1. If your subscription period is over and your host has renewed the domain, you have the right to get your whois records changed to new owner.

    2. If domains are still in subscription period and you see a website on the domain that you didn't intend or pointed to nameservers you are not familiar with you can still get the whois records changed.

    You can also request the webhost to have the domains deleted from the registrar. There are options and it is better to have your whois records changed of your domain if you have lost control and not using it anymore. [ We are online Since 2004! ]
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    Thank you Dan541 and mdadnan!

    Not a bad idea about "fantasy" name & address for the domains which i want to be deleted anyway^^

    But is it right that it costs much money to delete a domain?
    ( if it's true, it's just ridiculous -_-
    i mean if ICANN deletes domains as punishment for wrong name & address,
    you could insert wrong data and report yourself ^^; )

    The domains are stil within the payed period,
    my ex-host would have no reason to pay for them ^^

    It seems to be just very poor organisation what caused these domains to avoid deletion 2x
    ( i filled "delete ASAP" option on cancelation and called them + faxed as requested few months later )
    I just hope they get their act together this time
    ( and also that they don't fool me intently )

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    It doesn't cost to delete domains for registrars so your webhost shouldn't ask any fee. ICANN do request correct whois record but they may not guarantee domain will be deleted.

    If your domain is not used for a website you can also let it expire. [ We are online Since 2004! ]
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    It's good to know it cost them nothing to delete domain ^^

    I just hope they will do it
    since it would take too long to wait for expiration ( 8-10 months )
    The sites do not have any content and weren't even accessable since 1 year,
    but they are mentioned on some sites, especially forum archives which can not be edited.

    I hope my ex-provider is really bound to fulfill my request,
    and it's not just matter of courtesy.

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