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    [WANTED] Flash & ActionScript

    Hi all!

    I need a Flash & ActionScript designer for the following project:

    I need an audio preview console exactly as the one that can be found here:

    www . flashkit . com/soundfx/Nature/

    Each sound there has a preview console that preloads the audio and allows you to play it.

    I need some customizations to this one:

    - Autoplay the audio once it is preloaded.
    - This preview console has audio files compiled in the swf or uses an external swf called data.swf that also has the audio file compiled within it. If possible, I need to play external mp3 files sent as variables (console.swf?file=audio.mp3) as it would take me a lot to convert over 600 audio files to swf! Maybe there is a batch process to do it or can be done?

    Preview consoles similar to that one can be found here in fla:

    www . flashkit . com/movies/Third_Party/Flashtraks/SwiftMP3-Rolo-8960/index.php

    www . flashkit . com/movies/Sound/Players/Flashtra-scarabin-3463/index.php

    I don't have PM enabled, so please, either reply this post or send me a quote to:

    tientitu -at- hotmail dot com

    Thank you very much!


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