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4PSA DNS Manager features

4PSA DNS Manager is an innovative software application that allows hosting businesses to offer centralized DNS and DNS hosting services.

With 4PSA DNS Manager you can:

- Centralize DNS information from multiple servers. You will be able to have two name servers no matter how many hosting servers you have and what platform or control panel is used on these. The DNS Zone centralization process is automatic and you don't have to manually add DNS Zone information to the 4PSA DNS Manager server.

- Offer DNS redundancy. 4PSA DNS Manager can act as a master/slave DNS server, gathering DNS Zone names from all the participant servers and automatically updating DNS Zone information.

- Offer DNS hosting. Even hosting companies can use your services for DNS redundancy. Because no work is actually required to update the list of DNS Zones, DNS hosting becomes a very simple task. Clients will love the nice interface and the DNS Zone validation features.

4PSA DNS Manager does not require any particular control panel on the server where itís installed. It can gather zone information from any control panel, like Plesk, Ensim, Cpanel, etc.

4PSA DNS Manager can be installed on low end servers or VPS. A basic VPS can handle over 50,000 zones.

For more details about 4PSA DNS Manager, please visit the below page:

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