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    [SALE] Template for cheap!!!

    Hey fellow WHT'ers,

    A while ago I did up a template for web hosting, which I planned to sell but never completed. This template I will now attempt to sell. It is probaly about 90% complete, it includes all PSD source files and was meant to include a Flash source file, but unfortunatly, I have lost it.

    Now I would complete it, except I am in dire straits at the moment, trying to pay off a credit card bill which is more than I earn and working flat out with two part time jobs plus university (fun, fun). So I now offer you the chance to pick up a bargin!

    Ok so it includes:
    - PSD Source
    - Flash file (no source)
    - HTML & CSS, however there are some bugs with the CSS & HTML in Firefox. But it shouldn't take too long to iron out.
    - Full rights

    A screenshot (from Internet Explorer, Cropped):

    And you can get this all from... $75 USD!

    I will take offers via PM and the highest bidder by Thursday 10pm (GMT+10). Will walk away with the template with no further obligations.

    Happy Bidding!

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    Ok since I have had no interest, I am going to lower the price down to $40 USD..

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