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    Free Site Monitoring from, Short Time Only


    To run a sucessful hosting company you need to know the state of your servers at all times. You need to be able to track things like your server uptime and response times. And be alerted if there are problems.

    To provide peace of mind to some of the hosting customers and web site operators out there, we have developed and just launched, a server monitoring service.

    During the development period we will be testing the site operation prior to its official launch. We will also be adding many new features - and a number of these features will be unique to the monitoring industry.

    For a short time only we will be offering server monitoring for no cost during the development period. This monitoring includes URL monitoring as frequently as every minute.

    The site is still very basic and very much a work in progress (e.g. the logo is a 5 minute sodipodi job, and some key features are yet to be implemented).

    Interested? Sign up here.
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