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    Ads and Free accounts

    Being the tech guru in most of my [high school] classes, I am giving website design demo's to people in my Econ class where we have to build our own online portfollio. For the actual demo, I am probably going to use frontpage because it's simple for them, however I am open to suggestions of other things (with similar features) that I could use instead.

    But my real question here is related to hosting these online portfollio's... I have a dedicated server with Cpanel and paying customers, but am interested if anyone has experience setting up free sites (aka and being able to display either an ad or link for my hosting company. The tricky part is that I have to make it only on these free accounts.

    Is this possible? Has anyone done it before? Should I just give them a subdomain and not bother with any kind of "Hosted by..." link / ad.

    Thanks for any suggestions or advice!
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    Well I'm no CPanel guru, but in directadmin you could install mod_layout and then create a script that is run when a new user is added, if their package matches "freepackage" then it would append the proper directives to their virtual host configuration. Maybe CPanel has something similiar?
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