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    sell content per Mbyte via bandwidth limit

    Hi All,
    is there a control panel or a script available for
    WHM/CPanel, that lets me do the following:

    Setup a protected directory on a domain and
    set for all the users(members) over there in thisdirectory
    a bandwidth limit, so that every member can just download
    e.g. 500 Mbytes of files ( webpages and pics and movies)
    from this protected directory.

    If the 500 Mbytes are used up, the user
    will be automatically suspended from this directory or
    he he will be dropped out of the .htpasswd file.
    Is this possible somehow ?

    If yes, then one could sell the content in this directory
    by the Mbytes.
    Also it would have the advantage, that people would
    not share their passwords, cause then the 500 Mbytes
    would be already used up, if other people have downloaded
    files from the protected directory.


    Regards. Stefan.

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    You may have better luck asking over at **WARNING** Adult webmaster forum. But somebody here may be able to point you in the right direction.

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    Thanks for the info.
    Yes, it is needed for an adult site.
    So if somebody else knows something about this, please let me know. Maybe there is already a Control Panel out there, that supports something like this as a standard feature ?
    As I have seen CPanel can only limit the TOTAL traffic for a complete domain, but not the traffic for each member of a single domain in a protected directory.

    Many thanks.

    Regards. Stefan.

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    Yes there are several scripts that will allow you to do this. eg: pennywise. Just be sure to inquire how much cPU and RAM the script uses each time it's called. Some of these scripts use 1-10% of the server's CPU/RAM for each instance. Multiply this by several hundred hits and you are likely to get your account suspended on a shared box.

    However you should also consider many people will cancel chargeback and/or never join your site again if you micromanage how much of the content they can download per day.

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