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    Installing AWStats using SSH

    I am a beginner at this but I want to install AwStats on my dedicated server. I am not sure where to start but here is what I think should happen:
    1. Download the recent executable version of AwStats
    2. Upload the exe file to my server into a directory in the Web root
    3. Connect via ssh
    (so far I can do this without trouble. The next steps are not clear to me)
    4. Navigate to the AwStats directory (how do I navigate using SSH?)
    5. Execute the program (How do I execute and click "next" or "Accept" when the installer asks me to.)
    6. Unknown items go here.

    Any help at all is appreciated and if you can point me to where I might find this info that would be great.

    P.S. Why don't they make it easier to install programs and manage servers from remote locations?

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    How can you run exe on SSH ?

    Are you installing AWStats on Windows or Unix ?
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    Generally awstats + ssh = *nix. You will have to install the components, and set up the conf file to produce the reports you want. As for running an executable via ssh,its quite simple ./blah.exe will work just fine if its a *nix executable =)

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    Originally posted by Rubal
    How can you run exe on SSH ?
    Aha! There is my first lesson. Of course I can't run the .exe file on Redhat. Now how can I install AwStats on my Linux dedicated server.

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    Installing awstats isn't exactly for novices... I suggest getting some help with this. - Business Web Hosting Solutions & Server Management Since 2003

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    Originally posted by DoCk
    I suggest getting some help with this.
    I think I agree. Thanks for your help. ) Any recommendatioons about an easy to install (I can do most things by FTP) stats application?

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    Installing AWStats using SSH is not simple. Usually there's a control panel included in a dedicated server.

    For example in Webmin, there's Webalizer.

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