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    Transfering my Web Hosting Company domain will I loose my custom name servers?


    I am thinking in transferring my WebHosting company domain from GoDaddy to Network Solutions.

    In this transfer will I loose my custom name servers that are programmed with GoDaddy?

    Does Network Solutions offer the custom name servers option also?


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    If you mean will your domain name retain its nameservers, they
    should remain the same. But you can't make any change at all if
    the transfer has already started.

    Netsol, like many top registrars, also allow its users to change the
    domain's DNS at will.

    In your case, I don't know about Go Daddy, but there's a chance
    you might not be able to use their hosting services once you do
    transfer your domain to netsol. Check with them to be sure.

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    I think you didnt understand the question I dont use Godaddy servers for hosting.

    I use a reseller account and I have my own PRIVATE DNS NAME SERVERS.

    That were configured by my reseller and they asked me to go into my registrar and create the the private name servers like:

    So these private DNS name servers are configured at GoDaddy if I move them to Network Solutions I will loose them and all my domains will go offline?


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    Oh sorry, thanks for the correction on whose nameservers you're
    using. But no, your domain name shouldn't lose them and your
    domain shouldn't go offline, either.

    Ideally when a domain registrar transfer is taking place, assuming
    it's still using its current nameservers and nothing are being done
    to the nameservers themselves, there shouldn't be any downtime
    at all.

    Note I said "ideally". In reality, anything can happen, especially
    when technology is inherently flawed. (well, its creators are never
    perfect in the first place, either. )

    Other than that, you shouldn't have any problems. But again, if
    you need to make changes to your domain, do them before or
    after the transfer.

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    You should re-register them there - I doubt you will lose them or your sites would go offline because of the rapid changes in DNS that has been implemented. I would set them up immediately though to be on the safe side. And know where that functionality is before you transfer them

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    joephill, it's a good thing you asked that question because I just went to check my domain that I transfered between GoDaddy and BlueRazor that had custom DNS setup. The nameservers stayed on the domain but the registered IPs did not. Since I think the transfer only became effective this morning, don't think it was a huge deal - for me at least.

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    so you just reregistered the IP's and the site was back again?

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    I reregistered the IPs but I don't think the site had a chance to go down because I just got notification from BlueRazor an hour prior that the transfer had completed. And I had checked the domain - for other reasons - at least once this morning and it was available. Maybe if you catch it fast enough, it won't be an issue. I don't know. I guess because it's registrar specific information it doesn't transfer with the domain - i.e. the stuff you don't see on a WHOIS search?? because my domain forwarding didn't transfer either but I didn't expect it to.

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    And now that I think about it, pay more attention to the transfer form and see if there's stuff that can be added. I honestly didn't pay that much attention to it because I didn't realize I was transfering the domain with custom nameservers in this particular batch. Maybe there's something in the form to keep this sort of issue from happening at the winning registrar you choose. I don't know, but it's a thought at least. Try contacting their support team to see if there's any assistance for that type of transfer.

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