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    My Review of iWeb Data Center

    I happened to be travelling to Montreal this past weekend, and had scheduled to take a tour of iWeb DC. I'm a current customer and we're looking to expand, so here is my review of what I've seen and heard:

    1) The Data Center:

    - The iWEB DC I visited is located about 10-15 mins driving from downtown Montreal. It is considered to be within the downtown area, but parking is much easier to find and the center is on a main street.

    - Their building is relatively of good size with server space on main floor and offices on 2nd floor. It is well organized, professional and they have taken care of the space. There is a word for it....creatively made space for the offices..etc. I really liked the space.

    - The most important part of course is the server space. Split into two sections, iWeb own section for dedicated which is locked in a large cage, and then the colo section with multiple cabinets.

    - I've been to their DC before in November, and since that time I'd say they pretty much doubled. I remember the colo space was half empty, but now there is only few racks empty

    - I'd say the DC is about half full as far as servers go in. But this is only an estimate, probably they can still increase the colo space much more. I think they're doing very well.

    - The room is very noisy, you can hear the airconditioning and fans working. They have a temperature control unit, and they're installing a 2nd unit soon (I've seen the 2nd unit). The temprature did not feel cold, so I think this is what the 2nd unit will be for.

    - Power diesel generator is on the outside and I was there when they were running it for a test. I saw the backup UPS system, I think it was something like 3000kVA.

    - I saw their two major network lines 360/PEER1 and how they enter the building from two different streets.

    - Telecommunication room is pretty well organized, no cables laying around.

    - As far as the DC, I found the space well organized with all the cables tight together...etc

    - I had to do some work on our colo, so the tech there was very helpful, he took the server down, brought it up and provided me connection to troubleshoot the problem without having to put it back on the rack.

    2) The Network:

    - I found their network very fast, they use PEER1 and they also got a BGP with Teleglobe/360. Unfortunately when I signedup with them at first, I was on the PEER1 only line, so when PEER1 went down on the west coast my server was affected. However, I'll soon be switching over to their new multi homed BGP network

    - They once did an upgrade on router RAM, no problems. Since November 2004, I only recall having one downtime for 10 minutes.

    3) The Power:

    - They provide remote reboots which comes handy every now and then.

    - We once experienced problem with the APC and they replaced it.

    - Other than that above incident, power was solid with 50% utilization of the 15A on that bar.

    4) Support & Service:

    - I need to note that their staff has always been friendly and courteous. They always went above and beyond to fix a problem. This is something I definitely did appreciate about their service.

    - Couple of times I had to call at 3 AM for a problem, and someone did get to it in less than 1/2 hr after I notified them. Mind you, they don't have staff in the DC after 10 PM, so someone has to go to the DC to fix problems after that time.

    - Service is super, staff are bilingual, their English is not perfect, but I was able to communicate with all of them no problem (I speak only English)


    Everything is great with iWeb, good professional DC, friendly staff, flexibility and understanding.

    The only thing I told them that in my opinion is a shortcoming is a 24x7 staffed DC. It is nice to have someone there in minutes to look at something. I really hope they do consider 24x7 staffing the DC. Though you can rent half a rack or full rack and get 24x7 private access to your rack.
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    Awesome review :-)

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    First of all great review. Their customer services are professionals and friendly. Martin is a great guy to answer any questions and always quick response.

    Thank You
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    It's nice to see reviews from people who have actually been to and seen the operation. Good Job.

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    Nice detailed review. Good job

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