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    Question Question about jIRC chat

    Hey guys, I tried emailing a question to the support team of jIRC, but haven't received a response, so I figured I'd ask you guys.

    I have a chatroom channel for my website now that people use MIRC to access. I would also like to add a java version so people who dont have MIRC can use that instead. But, I want the MIRC users AND the jIRC java chat suers to be in the same channel....will this happen with jIRC, or would they be in their own sepperate channel/room?

    Thanks for any help!

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    I'm pretty sure jIRC is just web-based IRC.. it implements the IRC protocol, so you shouldn't have a problem getting people to join the same channel. In most web-based IRC applets you can specify a channel for users to join on connect anyway.

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    jIRC you can specify the server and channel(s) they can join.

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