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    How to handle fraudulent order with person whose card was used?


    I get probably 1 order every two weeks for webhosting that is fraudulent. I have whmap set to NOT automatically create the accounts which I figure gives me the opportunity to investigate if my orders are legit. Most of the time, Paypal will automatically reject my fraudulent orders. On every order, I will print out the IP's of the visitor to at least keep track of each fraudulent order and I've provided this information to Paypal and usually that's it.

    This time, I had someone sign up for an account and Paypal cancelled the order and after looking in WHMAP I could tell it was fake, however, I had the 'real' owner of the Paypal account email me asking what was going on. I told her some basic information and explained that I would not be creating the account since she didn't place the order and also explained that someone somehow got ahold of either her Paypal account information or her Paypal credit card and that she should contact Paypal.

    This leads me to my question. How do you handle it if the 'real' person requests the IP address of the person that placed the order and the name they used for signup, etc.? I'm thinking that that is privileged information and I would be more than happy to submit it to Paypal or law enforcement, but I'm reluctant to give her any of that information.

    Can you give me any reasons why I should give her that info or add some more as to why I shouldn't??


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    In eight years, and probably 100s of fraud orders, I've never once had the real person ask for the IP. Probably less than 1% of the public even knows what an IP is/does, so the chances of them wanting that information is extremely slim.

    As for the name they used - fraudsters always use the name on the card, or a fake name. That information would be pointless.

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    It's fraud so you hardly owe the "orderer" any privacy, just let 'em have it Maybe they managed to steal the paypal of someone with the resources to hunt down the fraudster and kick his ***
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    An IP address is hardly privelaged information.

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