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    bandwidth usage per member in .htpasswd protected directories

    which control panel lets me suspend or disable the member account
    of a protected directory user, when this user has reached the
    bandwidth limit ?

    I want to use this feature to sell content on a domain
    and if the member has downloaded e.g. 500 MBytes of files,
    his username/password for the .htpasswd protected directory
    will be invalid or at least his account will be suspended, so he can
    not anymore download any files or webpages from there.

    This way, one could sell content on a MByte basis and
    also if the user shares his account, the username/password
    would be invalid, when the bandwidth is used up.

    Is there any control panel, that supports such a feature ?
    I did not see this in WHM/CPanel, which I am used to.
    So if there any other control panel out there,
    that can do this ?

    Or any other solution that can do this as an addon
    to Cpanel ?


    Regards, Stefan.

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    Has nobody got some infos, how other control panels handle this ? Or does it exist in CPanel and I did not find it yet ?

    Regards, Stefan.

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    I would reccomend looking on Hot Scripts for a download manager that allowes management of bandwidth. I dont know if this fits your needs.

    Hoped this helped,


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