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  • Staying with RHL9

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    7 21.21%
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    Feb 2004

    Operating Systems

    Regarding webhosts who use WHM/CPanel:

    Now that Red Hat Linux 9 is no longer supported, are people still using RHL 9, or are they switching to something else?

    The main competition seems to be Fedora Core... what's everyone doing, and what's the pro and con of each OS?
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    I would have thought that CentOS or RHEL would be the alternative.

    Anyway, I use CentOS.

    Also, I thought RedHat 9 has been gone for a year or something.

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    Already switched to RHEL. Good support. Steady life-cycle. Solid OS.
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    The big argument re: Fedora is stability -- an 18 month support cycle and new releases every 6 months.

    RHEL and CentOS (the free version of the same distro) are probably a better bet. FreeBSD isn't a bad choice at all, nor is Debian (wanna talk about a long support cycle...)

    Remember -- you're not looking for features, you're looking for stability first and foremost. Once you've got something that's stable, it'd be nice to just apply security patches until you come up with a reason to use something different.

    A stable platform is a good thing.

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    Mar 2005
    Recently migrated a production RH9 server to CentOS and couldn't have been happier. It's a great upgrade and very painless if it is a production box!


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    Its all about the security, mature TCP/IP Stack, and ports collection of FreeBSD 5.x
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    FreeBSD legacy stable here on 7 servers 2 clients as well one who runs 4.11 stable and another on 5.4 stable. Also got one who is a debian guru so well a bit of both worlds when it comes to stability. I have seen first hand the stability of freebsd legacy stable branch as another provider whom I am/was friends with (provider mentioned has since closed down) had a system that hit nearly a full year uptime, only to die due to a hd going bad. Overall I would definitely say FreeBSD is the best choice due to the maturity of it and the constant updates, and of course let us not forget the base off of openbsd which is well known for it's security/stability.

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    I loved Red Hat Entreprise and CentOs

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    Only a year? I have a freebsd box (not on the internet, but quite busy) that has been up and running since... 4.5 I think it is? next time Im over there I will have to take a look.

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    Nov 2004
    i just thought i would post cent os even though it's been said before.

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    Jul 2003
    Switched from RH9 to CentOS with Cpanel. Works great.

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    Chicago, IL
    CentOS here, and I highly recommend it.
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    Another vote for CentOS

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    Another vote for CentOS
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    Heh - so how many have supported the CentOS project?

    (I'm not one to talk - I havent' yet. First installed it this week though...)

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    My personal choice is FreeBSD, although cpanel seems to be better supported under any of the different RPM-based distros.
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    Dedicated Server Forums

    I use Debian for production servers here at BurstNET.
    My most popular personal server (with a number of users) is FreeBSD (5.4 now).

    I do not use a control panel or anything, so I suppose my requirements are different from many users in this forum. I really like debian package management and ease of handling security updates (they are really on the ball).

    I prefer FreeBSD over Linux for multiuser environments, though proper GrSecurity configuration is decent, and what I used to have before FreeBSD 5.x. FreeBSD 5.x has a more decent trustedos-ish feature set, such as ACLs and MAC's.

    The Fedora series seems to be most popular for our customers, from what I can tell for CPanel clients.

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