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    Anyone got a clue please ?

    I have had my messageboard removed from my webspace, and received this message:

    The abuse team have said that there are multiple connections being opened to a database wwwforum.mdb on your site. These connections are not being closed or terminated, this is causing an abnormal load on the server that is effecting other users. Can you please modify your scripts so close these database connections. Once I inform them that the changes have been made they say they'll bring the site back online and monitor it for 24 hours to check that the same issue doesn't arise again.

    Can anyone tell me please (preferably in plain English) what I need to do, or look for.

    My Messageboard is Webwiz (Access version) and my host is Purplenames.

    Thanks for any help.

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    A good place to start would be (I'm guessing here) to look for pconnect and change it to connect.

    This assumes you are using a PHP based database.

    Search on for more information.

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    Just had a thought (now that is unusual !!)

    Could these 'multiple connections' be:

    1) Peoples own Avatars
    2) A large thread with lots of pictures on board

    Both of these are pictures remotely linked from Photobucket etc.

    Thanks again.

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    You might want to contact the developers of the forum software to learn more about how the database connections work. It may be a bug, or a misconfiguration that can be easily solved.

    Good luck!

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