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    * Artists web-Hosting. Is there a "my space" for artists that's worth it?

    Hello everyone,

    I am new here - so bear with me if possible. Asking this question for a friend.

    I know an artists who has a personal "showing" or two under his belt and is a really good up and coming surrealist. He has an art page on MYSPACE - but unfortunately there is little participation, members or for that matter reviews of his work, etc.

    Does anyone know of a good website thats either free or cheap for an artist to :

    #1 - put up pictures
    #2 - review pics
    #3 - give a biography, etc.
    #4 - MOST IMPORTANT - has a LARGE populace
    and #5 - well thats about it!

    Needless to say - I have looked and so has the person in question - in vain or I wouldent bother you with my drivel.

    Thanks guys and gals!


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    Another vote for DA.

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    deviantart is a great site! a push for the pop in my side as well!

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    If he's doing "fine art" generally you don't want to be associated with the Deviantart site because it's mostly frequented by children and teenagers, hence the name... lots of cartoons, anime, tattoos... and Photoshop newbies thrown in for good measure. Maybe there are some really talented "Deviants" on there, but the name and design of the site alone is good enough reason to avoid it if you are serious about your art career.

    Myspace, while it's not really an art site, is actually picking up and I'm seeing that it has potential... There's a community forming and artists are beginning to collaborate on there. The artists seem to find each other on there and it's picking up speed. Still it's a young crowd--at 29 I'm one of the older people on there, but I'm on Myspace because I recognize it's potential. It still has somewhat of a "singles" vibe but Myspace is beginning to understand that their engine has more uses--check out their message boards... While not very sophisticated, it's still pretty cool. If you take a look at my profile you can see that I've started forums for "de Kooning" one of the most important 20th century painters, and for 2D Abstraction...

    Also I run another site... I'm not a fan of surrealism, but he can email me any of his work and if I like it or find it interesting I'll write up a critique at post it.

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