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    site suspended for "overloading Exim and CPop"

    my client's site was temporarily suspended for "overloading Exim and CPop"

    what exactly does this mean?

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    It likely means that they were sending and/or recieving too much mail.

    If the client isn't intentionally sending mass mailings, like to a mailing list, its possible that they have been hacked into and are being used as a spam-bot. Does the client have Virus protection on their computer and a good firewall? If not, its possible, even likely that they are being used to send spam without them even knowing.

    Good luck solving the problem, hopefully its something easily fixed.

    Thanks - Brian
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    thanks, that is very likely what's going on. i will take a look at the client's computer.

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    Brian has it right on the dot. Your client's site is probably sending out huge mailing lists or sending/receiving a ton of e-mails. Or, it could be a combination of the both. You should ask your host for some more details, though.

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    i'm trying to get more details. they don't seem to want to tell me very much.

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    ok, so it seems like what's going on is spam bots are using his e-mail form to send him spam. this creates a lot of unwanted spam as well as returned/invalid/error e-mails in his account. when the form is disabled, these problems go away.

    my question: what can be done to prevent spam bots from using the form?

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    He needs to secure the form, so that it can only send mail to the addresses he designates. Some do this by setting it within the scripts configuration itself.

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    Use a different script.

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