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    Okay, I've been in the hosting business for several years now, and I've seen other businesses come and I've seen other businesses go. I finally got tired of seeing all these so called "companies" screw us out of business. So, I've developed (and am sort of still in the process of) a site that will give you a chance to see a completely unbiased opinion on dedicated servers.

    Now, I have not included reseller or shared hosting plans on here, becuase I think you can find that information out on your own if you really want to, the main reason for this site is so that people looking for a dedicated server can come, check out other users responses, look at actual bandwidth tests, response times, customer service reviews and all that neat stuff BEFORE they even talk to a sales rep.!

    I'm currently looking for people who would like to help moderate and test providers. If your interested, please post on the forums at the site.

    Thanks and I hope that this will help shape the hosting community into a better one! - for sale!

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    about the demand ,can you speak it in details?thank you !

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    Do we have to debug your code and moderate for you, Ok, sign me up.
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    Actually, I've turned off the google ads for the moment, that's why they are null. - for sale!

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