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    Company to Sell PHP Script

    I'm looking for a company to sell a PHP script that I've made. It's an extensive clone of a third party payment processor, similar to PayPal.

    I would sell it myself, but I honestly don't have the resources to market it, and handle all the costs involved with selling a PHP Script of it's size.

    What I would like to do is have someone buy it off me and have me contracted to do updates/bug fixes. I'm not looking for much. The script destroys all the competition out there. The best script on the market similar to it is cuSell and this definately makes a mockery of it due to it's advanced features.

    Reply via PM or send your PM's to:

    [email protected]

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    why not show a sample of this script?
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    I agree with r4zor, Maybe some screenshots or admin and order form demo. Thank you.


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    As I mentioned above, Please contact me if you are interested.

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