Over 2500 unique visitors a day

At least 50 people browsing site at any one time (at the moment there are 65 online).

Over 50,000 page views a day (PM me for stats)

Some info:

Muselive.com --> Largest fansite for the popular band, Muse.

Over 11,000 Registered members.

Nominated for Best Unofficial Music Site 2004 (www.dma04.com) --> TV coverage! (came 3rd)

International Audience (demographics available by PM)
Mostly UK and US members. Growing audience of US members due to new Muse tour in the US.

Advertising available:

468*60 or a leaderboard ($20 extra) for $120 / month (Buy It Now). This is a sitewide banner (displayed on over 600 unique pages of the site). We will only have ONE banner in rotation at any one time.

This works out at just over 7 cents CPM (probably even lower, as 50k is a low estimate)

Text Links:

Displayed on the main page, in bold. $30 / month. Max, 5 spots.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.