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    Currency Price difference for EXACT package

    Check this out.
    I calculated my requirements for a possible website.
    I tried for 2 orders - both of the packages having the EXACT specs - the only difference is that one of them was in USD and the other in INR currencies respectively.

    In USD it came to $125
    In INR it came to Rs. 3131

    $126 is approx Rs 5500

    These are the Input Values for my Package in BOTH cases - INR and US$
    > ====================================================
    > Web Space : 20 MB
    > No Of FTP Uses : 1 User
    > Bandwidth : 1000 MB / month
    > Email Space : 5 MB Space
    > No of Email Boxes : 1 POP Account
    > Email Bandwidth : 100 MB
    > Enable PHP / CGI / SSI / FrontPage
    > Database Space : 100 MB Space
    > No: Of Databases : 1 Database
    > No: Of Database Users : 1 User

    When I emailed directi support I got the reply :
    We have kept the pricing higher for customer who chose USD as the currency and the pricing is based on similar packages from other big hosting provider from the US.

    Order the package according to your requirement and chose the currency as Indian Rupee, so you are automatically charged at the lower price.
    Question is : If someone wants to hosts at directi then who the hek is going to pay in USD ?

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    Re: Currency Price difference for EXACT package

    Originally posted by anjanesh
    Question is : If someone wants to hosts at directi then who the hek is going to pay in USD ?
    I doubt that many people from outside India know the actual currency exchange rates.
    Most likely they won't notice the price difference

    That's business. Many companies try to charge what they can get in a certain market or country

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    From the description, it appears that Directi is an Indian based company. They probably kept the pricing as such probably so as to protect themselves from any exchange rate changes. If you are dealing with international currency exchanges, you will no doubt be experiencing wild rates changes and they probably do not want to change them on a daily or weekly basis. Also there may be some additional charges for them when converting US dollars back to their native Rupees. Any financial institution handling the transaction would indeed want to get a cut somewhere.

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    The currency exchange rates change everyday. It is better for them to set a rate rather than change their biling system settings everyday.

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    The set rate does help but I think it's obvious that they're out to make a profit. The US market will always pull in more than the Indian market right now when it comes to many online things so they adjust prices accordingly. Can't say I blame them.

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