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Thread: Buying Companys

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    Buying Companys

    I am looking to buy up company's but i will give u a very good price for it up to 50% more than it is worth a year.
    I will give u monthly payments for 12-24 months.
    U will end up with more than u would get if u put the money in your bank u will get 50% more ie if u company is worth say 40k i will give u up to 60k for it that 20k more than u could get for it that is a good rate of return. please pm me or post on hear and i will get back to u.


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    Buying Companies

    I am selling my Game Server company. We have been in business for 3.5 years and own our own hardware. we have approx 40 machines.

    7 x dual xeons
    33 x dual PIII

    2 locations LA and NY

    monthly gross 5000

    clients 75

    asking 50k


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