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    [Ad space available] 100K impressions. Target: highschool and college students- $50

    Hey again,
    Once again, my homework help site has a banner ad space available.

    Impressions: ~ 100K/ month
    Members: ~5,000+ (mostly highschool and college students in U.S.)
    Ad Location: Right smack in the middle.
    Age of site: Since Aug. 2003
    Main key phrase from search engines (95% of traffic)- 'Free Homework Help'. As you can see, almost all S.E. have my site placed #1.
    Rate: 50USD for each month for 2 months via PayPal subscription (100USD total). Your ad will be the only ad... no rotation.

    Terms: Family oriented, NOT too flashy PLZ! 468x60. Your ad will remain up so long as the subscription is active. No refunds after ad has been placed.

    Questions? Just ask. :-)

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    do you have ages of members? what % are high school kids and what are college students?

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    Students are not able to post ages when they sign up. I believe that there are more high school students than college students that use my web site. No figures. I base this off of the types of questions that are asked (there are more highschool level questions than college questions). Almost all traffic is from the U.S. (and a little from the UK)

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    I was considering advertising until I saw that popup.

    Because thats the ad I was going to run.

    However, I have more things like that. Can you give me info on how well the popup has performed?

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    The pop-up ads are ran by, so we do not have the click-through-rates for them.

    If you would like, we will allow you to replace the's pop up and be the sole pop-under advertiser.

    Let us know if you're interested in pop-under advertising.

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