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    Boost Your PR - Free -

    Just getting your website up and running ?
    Have a low PR ?

    Raise your Pr with a free link back from our directory.
    PR5 and 4 pages

    The catch is you must link back to us.If you do not provide a link back then we will not approve your link.

    Any PR (PR 0 is fine)
    No Adult content
    No Pills sites
    No Gambling sites

    Our information for you to add to your pages is at site.

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    Hmm..just added a link, but you can nuke it. Didn't realize you were a hosting company Be like shooting myself in foot.

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    no not really as all one has to do is google hosting and they have 100,000 plus of your competiors.

    This is just to help boost your PR and of course it helps me

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    Hey do you want to do 3 way linking?

    I link to you from my PR5 site, you then link to another site of mine from your PR5 page.


    PM me if you are interested

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