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Thread: Plesk stalled!

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    Plesk stalled!

    Hey.. i'm in panic. I've a windows 2003 machine with plesk, i've updated to 7.5.2 from 7.0.2 and now DOESN'T WORK anymore!
    I've done restore of all plesk configuration.. but seems like it doesn't "remember all users like mysql users.. frontpage users.. site logins.. what happens? Do you have some suggest?

    (sorry for my english)

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    i've done plesk backup. that backup all domains and plesk configuration. I don't have windows backup.

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    Have you contacted sw-soft or tried their forums? Id start with the people who make the software.

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    I've opened a ticket to sw-soft support too now..

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    If I format server.. and do a new clean installation .. I will can restore all sites data with plesk backup?? Or I need to upload all sites ?

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