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    Question regarding how to charge taxes for online purchases...

    A friend and I were talking today about how California charges tax based on the county you are in and how e-commerce sites handle charging for taxes based on this.

    We have heard that some charge a general tax and cover the difference themselves, while others use the zip code to determine the county, and charge tax accordingly.

    My questions are as follows...

    1. What is your experience with this (if you have created a shopping cart, or use one).

    2. How do larger sites such as Amazon handle it?

    3. Any other comments or knowledge on the subject?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Generally I set up shopping systems to apply tax only when the customer is in the same state as the business. For example, I'm working on a couple of sites for businesses located in Virginia, which has a 4.5% state sales tax. So when I set up the carts I have the code checking the shipping address, and if it's in Virginia then the sales tax is added. With a state like California which does per-county tax I imagine it'd be a bit harder to script properly, but the same principle should work.

    I also make sure that there's a prominent notice informing customers of this: the price listings all have a note attached stating "Virginia residents will be assessed an additional 4.5% sales tax."
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