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    Need very reliable reseller hosting?


    I am looking for a very reliable reseller hosting company

    im comparing - looks good but i want a large company -has some bad reviews which put me off - Great packages is this a reliable long standing company?

    Can anyone else suggest a very reliable reseller hosting company preferiably one which has been around a while?


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    What do you understand under "reliable"?
    For instance - you need a company that won`t disappear tomorrow
    with guaranteed servers uptime and with good offers / prices ?
    What kind of sites you will host, will you need ASP and JSP support?
    Do you have any requirements for the hosting control panel ?

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    Check out Best support I've found.

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    There's practically a BILLION out there.

    and the list goes on and on and on...

    They are all not bad doing resellers and etc. I don't know about price tho... might be a little high. Not sure...
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    don't forget

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    there are so many reliable hosts out there... to pick one, you need to check prices, offers, suitability to your requiremens etc.. so its better if you start with all your requirements in hand...
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  7. There are definitely plenty of web hosting companies to chose from. Some people now claim there are more than 100,000 web hosting companies on the Internet.

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    Hi,, best hoster around, I have been with them for 6-8months.

    uptime is great and support is almost perfect, you get an answer in less than 15min at all time.



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    If you've got some time, once you narrow your choices down see if they'll give you some URLs for sites they host. You can ask the owners about their experiences and use a program to test site speed and reliability for a while. Don't bother pinging the company's main site, though. It may be on better equipment.

    If they don't want to tell you who they host it may be a good indication that they don't want you to know about their quality of service. Of course, it could be that they don't want to bother or a genuine concern for other clients' privacy.

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    resellerzoom and varhosting both have very nice plans, you can try them for 60 days and get your refund back.

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    Always read the forums of those you are considering , go back a few months even . Look at how long they have been in business , ask allot of questions.

    I am having an excellent Experience with they offer shared reseller and UK based VPS.
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    i am also looking for such a company... should i consider httpme or bluewho ?

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    Originally posted by lloyds7
    i am also looking for such a company... should i consider httpme or bluewho ?
    No one can tell you. It's about what you want, and how you feel. Just use the search feature and look up reviews here on both those hosts, and you may find yourself your answer

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    wow..i just check out resellerzoom....pretty cool plans

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    Originally posted by rwstreb
    ...or a genuine concern for other clients' privacy.
    That is usually the real reason .
    Vertivo :: Affordable Web Hosting Packages and Reseller Plans
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    i suggest try 2-3 host providers..thats what i did...
    right now my plan eventually and initially ill get one from 5-10 price range...and one from 20-25 price range.

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    Its not about which one we think is best for you as we do not know your exact needs. Its about which one meets your exact needs.

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    Can anyone else suggest a very reliable reseller hosting company preferiably one which has been around a while?
    That's a good thing to look for. Another is to carefully estimate if the business model of the host has good chances of being sustainable in the long term (meaning the prices should not be too good to be true). If you resell hosting, you cannot afford to have your provider go under without a trace. Believe it or not it has happened quite a few times in the past.

    Good luck!

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