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    image galleries

    i want to start a community like photobucket. any suggestions on a script that basically has the ability for people to have their own galleries.
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    Not sure but I was looking for one before as well.

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    Have you checked out 'Coppermine' ?

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    Is a good prograam coppermine I am using it with

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    To use Coppermine you need the GD Library on your server.
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    coppermine or gallery can help you do this correctly. also go to for more choices

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    gallery2 is perfect. It features alot of built in ecommerce features, like a shoppingcart and payment gateways IIRC. I use to use coppermine, but menalto gallery is much better in my opinion.
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    recommend coppermine too!

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    coppermine is a cool script, it's right that you need the GD Library installed though.

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    I'd like to ask how your community will be structured. Will you let anyone have an account and upload images? Do you have a way of limiting resources like disk space and bandwidth on a per user basis? If not, do you have the resources on your shared account or dedicated server to handle a successful community. Coppermine and Gallery are great scripts, but you don't have the ability to limit resources at this time. You could run into trouble if your community could upload as many images as they like and are free to use whatever bandwidth is available to them. If it's just for your trusted friends, I would suggest Gallery by Menalto.

    You may want to look at an image hosting script if you are going to allow anyone to have an account. That way you can control users and their resources. You don't necessarily have to charge for an account, but you will have more control over the community this way.

    Good luck with your project and please let us know what you decide to do.

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    Coopermine looks much better than Gallery, works better too, account systems and such, go with what you like best.
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    I would suggest getting your own script made by developers that know what they're doing for this niche industry. This way, you have 100% usage of the script, without the fluff. Trust me - if you wan't to be successful, that's the only way to go.

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