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    Unhappy Very new at this need some basic help.

    Like I said, I am new at this and would like some help if you could give it.

    I am using a hosting companies interface that has mySQL and phpBB forum. I would like to learn how to build a forum much like this one we are on (not as indepth). Hosted on windows, apache server hosting company IX Hosting.

    I am beginning to learn the basics, but if you could shoot some advice my way. On things that I should know, or some good resources to look at. That would be great.

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    A good place to start would be here: <-- The best resources: ( Manual) <-- Another good resource for beginners: (Basics of PHP)

    However, it will take a long time to gain the skill and knowledge required to develop such a board but it is a good objective to work towards which will help you to continue learning.
    "You donít learn to hack, you hack to learn"

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    Thank you,
    I will look at those manuals. I started to build a phpbb forum that seems to be easier than php. Using mysql they linked up easy enough. I am at the point of customizing my forum and inching my way through. It's been fun.

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    Review the PHP commands for opening and writing in a file.
    Create simple HTML form that is using a PHP file to process the input information and to write it into a file.
    After you do this (successfully ), use the PHP commands for connecting and writing into a MySQL DB.
    In this way you will have basic but very useful experience on how this is works.

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