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    Question A host with the most...

    Dear all -

    I have two questions. one I believe I am in the right place to ask, the second I could be way of beam so please tell me so if I am.

    1. I am looking for - well my programmer is - a hosting service that has PHP installed as Apache Module running in standard mode (safe_mode=off) and also with has enabled 'ftp extension' so I can use it to connect to the remote sites.

    I am not fussed if the host is dedicated, virtual or shared - although good service and price are always a consideration in business...

    2. Does anyone know of any solutions to setting up domains in bulk on a hosting account?
    Lets say that I have 100 domains that I wanted to add to a hosting account - is their any way that the accounts can be set up in a more automated fashion then having to go into WHM or similar and keying each one domain in individually.

    Also... (what another questions - you said two!!).. can anyone steer me in the direction of any service that allows bulk "identification and registration" of domains?
    Let's say that we have a number of "topics" and we want to register 10 domains for - so there could be 10 topics with 10 domains....100 domains total.
    Are there any services that would allow one to input a search term (the topic) and find relevent domains (I do not mean expired domains), and then register them.
    I know of but this service is a bit long winded.

    Any help you can offer would be mightily appreciated, and you will no doubt be one step closer to heaven by aiding your fellow man


    Kind regards


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    For your first question, many companies can provide you with those requirements.

    As for the second question, it would be possible but not directly by you. You can email a list of your domains to your host and they can add them for you easily.

    The third one, sorry I do not know such a service.

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    For #1, if you search around the forums there are many hosts that offer what you require.

    For #2, I do remember a script in PHP I saw once which communicates with CPanel to add domains, emails, etc. I think this may be what you're looking for. I'll try to go find it.

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    Thanks for the answers so far.

    ZapX Technologies - A script like that would save time, or save outsourcing... Fantastic.

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    For #3, Godaddy and DirectI will suggest similar names and do bulk registrations. I don't know of anyone who specifically do a "topic" search, though.

    For #1, most hosts run PHP with safemode off, just e-mail them asking to check.

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    The first requirement can be available to you with many of the hosts as normally the Apache Module safe_mode is off and the FTP extension is now a days available generally. The second option comes in for the account set-up. Firstly with such a hugh number of domains you will have to opt for either VPS or dedicated server. And control panel will be useful for adding the domains but if you want to have another way out which can be easier you can contact the host and have him the list of the domains to be added with the exact directories you want them to point to.

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    Originally posted by Gary Brahmi
    Firstly with such a hugh number of domains you will have to opt for either VPS or dedicated server.

    That's not necessarily true.
    If the domains are just being used as pointers a shared account would be fine.

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