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    Find your Dream Web Host! Submit web host for free, free traffic


    Webase, the largest web hosts directory out there, listing right now 401 unique web hosts, has just open and everybody is welcome to visit it and find your dream web host.
    Let's talk about those searching for quality web hosts. We have a very powerful search feature that allows you to choose whatever you want in your webhost, may it be 100 MB Webspace, 5000 MB Bandwidth, 2 MySQL Databases, cPanel, the price rate, the way you want the web hosts ordered, everything you can think about!

    Webase has just began, yet growing increasinly fast, but right now there are very little ammount of posts and members so please help us starting the community at our forums, that's the hardest part!
    Once it's started, everything gets easier! How can you do that? Simple! Register at our forums, anwser other persons threads, even create your own thread! That's all! Anykind of thread and everyone is more then welcome!

    Do you want to see more people looking into your web host? Submit your web host to our database, it's free! There are many other ways to help our community to grow, those aren't limited to commenting at your favorite web hosts, rating web hosts, telling your friends about us, linking to us, etc!
    Those looking this thread right now, nothing stops you from adding your webhost! Just use the submit formulary at our website.

    Thanks for reading! Hopefully, we will see you later at Webase!
    PHP Web Hosting - Directory to compare PHP web hosting service providers with mysql databases and searchable database with over 400 mysql php web hosts.
    Web Hosting Providers Directory containing more than 400 unique web hosts. Searchable database for reviews and ratings of web hosting companies.[/center]

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    Added mine, thanks

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    Added Mine, looks like an amazing site! Perhaps expand it to include resellers, VPS, Dedicated etc aswell?

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