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    * If you want VPS, try these folks...

    Hello People

    Before I started a VPS service, I shortlisted PowerVPS and ServInt. Here's the quick check on their incentives:

    PowerVPS ($44.50) - Free Cpanel/WHM, Free ClientExec and RV Skin(at that time of purchase during Promo), Money-back guarantee

    ServInt ($49) - Free Cpanel/WHM

    I preferred ServInt because their support was fantastically GOOD! Their "over-explained" response of support made me felt very secured, valued and comfortable. PowerVPS, on the other hand (almost as fast response as ServInt) has limited explanations on their support responses and thus, to me, they may not be as good in terms of doing sales.

    After working out on the shortlistees, I finally chose PowerVPS due to budget constraints. On and off I faced difficulties (because I am rather a newbie), PowerVPS helped out promptly. Despite the "limited explanations" they have on their responses, they are willing to go further investigating problems. Here's what happened:

    I faced problems on installing ClientExec for the past 14 hours, struggling alone and wasting time looking at ClientExec related forums... which ended up myself investing more time on the waste. I gave up hope searching for the answers and turned to PowerVPS for help. Swiftly, Rob Yates of PowerVPS responded, and helped me installed my ClientExec. The installation of ClientExec is not their part of their duties at all, and, yet, they offered a helping hand. Soon enough, the program worked!

    Deep from my heart, I want to thank Rob Yates and his guys who did the job! Good work! I guess, what I am trying to stress here is that there are some vendors out there who may not be good in their sales but hey, what if they are actually supportive and are willing to go further than anything to make your product work smoothly?

    I am not saying companies with good sales reps are poor in their support (because I haven't tried them yet), but as far as I know, PowerVPS is committed to their customers and they would go beyond the borders! Now that matters alot.
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    Nice review Mad_Elektra,

    Could you please share the domain that you host with PowerVPS.


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    good to see that powervps has another happy client

    well done PowerVPS people

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    I will have to agree with Mad_Elektra, PowerVPS is very good. I don't have one complaint about them. Support tickets have been answered within 15 minutes for me.

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    I have a site with PowerVPS. Can't really comment on them to much as i have only been with them about a month. But so far been excellent and support is extremely good.

    May not be your cup of tea but still it is a site with PowerVPS.

    www . ragit . com

    Some people have reported big delays on the forum but think this is maybe because we are all in the UK. But 90% have no trouble with speed

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    I liked those features too. But I switched to LiquidWeb, which does not throw those in for free. With Liquidweb's current special you double your disk space, add 50 Gb bandwidth, and 2 Gb burstable RAM.

    The license for Clientexec is like 11.95 a month and the license for RVSkin is $25 a year for VPS servers.

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