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    Need Advice for a serious record label management

    I need an advice for a project that im doing with a record label (based on Europe).
    They want to have a store at their website with the option for digital downloads.
    Is the dedicated server the right choice? if so.. what? (i never used a DS server before)
    i've done a search on this forum, but didnt know what to decide. is eurovps a good choice? or another in US?

    They also wanna have a management for fan clubs and street teams using the Iventa software (if you guys now any better just tell)

    So we're gonna use a lot of bandwidth.
    With the emails from the fan clubs, street teams, digital downloads, audio/video streaming.

    What is the best option to support a project like this one?


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    A dedicated or co-located server is what you want. This is way to big for a shared account. If you don't have expereinces with managing a server you will want a 'managed dedicated' server.

    As far as who to choose... there are many great companies. The thing to look for is a comapny with fast support and experienced administrators.

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    you definitely need a dedicated should think about an unmeter server. most of them offer some type of manage, but you can always hire an individual or company to manage for you.
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    How much is said label looking to spend on this? According to how much time and effort they want to put into this you can do something fairly 'simple' or complex. You should really be talking to a developer about the software side before you decide on any hardware.

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    we're a "small" label. we don't have many artits but we want to put a store on our main site selling physical stuff and digital songs (mp3, etc). for start we are gonna put around 150 MB of MP3 (3 albums)

    what we have in mind is this:<- main site <- the store <- the official fan club <- the streetteam

    nadtz: what is the simple way and complex way for doing this kind of stuff?

    Thanks for the replies!

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    This sounds simple enough. > this will be the main folder
    and the rest are merely just subfolders under that folder.

    As for webstore, you could work with one ecommerce script which you could get from or depending on the payment processor, might be able to work through their solution. If you work with a 3rd party payment processor, they may already have a store system which you can integrate with.

    The fan club would probably contain static details, maybe a blog which the artistes could use and a forum where the fans could post.

    A dedicated server would be a great idea because of the bandwidth which comes with it and the flexibility to do what you want with it. However, you did say that you are not experienced with a dedicated server and as such may face some difficulties getting it up.

    Maybe you could work with a turnkey solution to develop the site and get the system running.

    What is your budget anyways ?

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