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    cacti problem graph error, server error

    Hi. I do not now if this is the right forum since is covers programming and dedicated server.
    And yes I have search and tried myself for 3 days now.

    But I have installed cacti to monitor my server guest and guest
    But it doesn’t work very well.

    If I go to the graph view it only view a blue picture and its not placed very well.

    And it doesn’t monitor the bandwidth either.

    I have tried to install mrtg but I cant get any info from the switch or the ip so it wont make a cfg file .

    Any tip to me ????

    EDIT: I have this system if it helps:
    Barton 3000+
    1024 ram
    Centos 3.4
    5 ip
    10mb uplink
    Savis datacenter


    I will monitor port 8000 because the shoutcast is running on that port. Is it some easy software that automatic emails multiple email address if it comes to a quote like 100gb
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    Plesk sucks.
    Cpanel/WHM rocks
    I'm a newbee in English

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