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    Form Method POST not working on Windows machine


    I've been bashing my head in for a week trying to figure out what the issue with this is. With my luck its probably something simple that I've been too dumb to figure out.

    Here's the situation
    Company local intranet
    Windows machine/server IIS blah blah blah.
    Has php setup on it.
    mail () does work.

    Now here's the problem.
    I'm trying to get a form to work. If I use the Form method of GET it works- but that sends the info through the url - and is limited to 100 characters. I need more than that.

    If I set the form method to POST - then upon submission it gives a 404 error. Even though the url it shows in the address bar that its trying to go to is there.

    I've tried several different scripts...Same result for all of them.

    Any ideas or suggestions?
    Thanks bunches!

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    This is related to the Microsoft URLScan utility. If you have this problem, the IIS administrator has probably run the IIS Lockdown tool as well as configured URLScan to reject this type of HTTP method when sent in a URL. These tools are meant to enhance web server security.

    URLScan configuration files can be found in the \WINNT\system32\inetsrv\urlscan folder on the web server. Specifically, the file to modify is urlscan.ini.

    The changes to make are as follows:
    1. Make sure UseAllowVerbs=1 under [options]
    2. Under the [AllowVerbs] section, list your allowed HTTP methods to include:

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