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    roadmap to profit

    OK a bunch of stuff that i'll put into one post answer what you're willing and/or able to.

    I have a lot of sites, they were all on a dedicated a while back, but are now on various budget plans all over the net.

    I just got a reseller account and have had it about 3 months now with one site running. It's had one outage while they changed datacenters. I'm now confident enough in it to move my sites to it.

    I'm going to start offering hosting on the reseller package I have. It's cpanel, which i've only used as a hostee, never as a hoster.

    I'm planning on using modernbill for billing.

    Here is my roadmap.

    Host 30 clients on reseller package. I'm calculating (what i think) is a modest estimate of $10 per client in monthly revenue. My cheapest package will be $9.99.

    Once I have 30 clients, that will be enough cashflow for the clients to support a dedicated server.

    Here is my first question/delema.

    I think i'd like to offer H-Sphere once I'm on a dedicated server. Should I in your opinion, go Cpanel on the first server, move clients to the dedicated and close the reseller account, then get more clients until I decide to get the 3 servers suggested for H-Sphere? Or should I keep the Cpanel reseller, have only 1 server to start H-Sphere on, and start offering both right away?

    I've never used H-Sphere, so that will be a learning process for me. Should I not even bother with that? Should I get an HSphere reseller account and just add that to my offerings that way to start with?

    How much more difficult will it be to support (especially when hiring someone to help) with 2 control panels?

    This question I'll go research too, just thought of it and don't want to forget it

    Can H-Sphere have remote servers in other datacenters, and if so, can that server be isolated as to not add client's sites to it unless it's specified to do so.

    Can modern bill setup sites on 2 different control panels based on an option at signup? A good example would be an option as a dropdown box, 1) Cpanel, 2) H-Sphere main datacenter 3) H-Sphere second datacenter.

    OK I think that covers my questions of the day. Any input is appreciated.

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    Modernbill doesn't have Hsphere support at this current point in time.... which may be something you would want to take into consideration.

    Uhm, the setup is pretty simple, you will just have to have different packages and order groups for each server, but it's sijmple enough.
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    Well that kind of bites, but I think it can be worked around with a form, selecting the server type/location before getting into the billing section. It would require 2 billing systems, which isn't ideal, but since h-sphere has it's own, it'll prolly have to be that way no matter what.

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    I'd suggest going with H-Sphere from the start as a reseller. (If possible). I know you already have your reseller account with Cpanel, but your customers will be confused when you switch.

    Yes, H-Sphere can have servers in different datacenters, and you can restrict access to certain users.

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    well the point is that i want to offer the option to the customer.
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    I will reccomend just using cpanel because it is the easiest to provide support for but it does cost a lot more than the rest.
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