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    Semi-dedicated verses VPS

    Is semi-dedicated hosting still prevalent or has it phased-out because of VPS?

    I think semi-dedicated homes between 2-4 users whereas VSP 8 to perhaps unlimited.

    Wanted to know who all are currently offering semi-decidated without Virtuozzo or other competing technology. Because, I believe these technology increases cost.

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    I think HostingZoom offers a Semi Dedicated solution. Board Hosting Directory
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    Well, the term 'Semi-dedicated' is subjective. It could mean it is a VPS or a really huge Reseller's account. You will need to check with the web host about the definition.

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    Semi-dedicated concept is a bit old and today there are very few of the hosts offering this. The semi-dedicated server have been replaced with the VPS. This is due to the profitability that the VPS provides to the hosts. But more or less the VPS and semi-dedicated is now been used as relative concepts. That is why it is better to check whether a server is a vps or a semi-dedicated server in reality.

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    Isn't semi-dedicated is better option for resellers then VPS?

    I feel VPS is like any other reseller account, with advantage of root access.

    One who sells Reseller Accounts can home unlimited resellers and so VPS sellers.

    In case of Resellers Hosting, Hardware/Bandwidth is upgraded based on resource utilization and so is the case with VPS.

    Is Technology pushing traffic [towards VPS] from semi-dedicated as root access can not be given to 3-5 users?

    How was root access managed in semi-dedicated phase?

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