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    Question New server setup

    I've got a windows 2k3 server, and im wanting to host websites on the server. it has helm installed on it.

    So i have my website hosted on the server now, and i am wanting to know how to add users and set up new accounts so others can begin hosting, can it be done automatically or does it have to be done manually?

    How do i setup ftp for users?

    Also I have the name servers set to the generic ones at serverbeach, how do i set my domain as the first name server?

    Is there anything else anyone would recommend doing for a new server setup?

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    I think the first thing I'd do is fix your home page...

    For me, Windows hosting is a little scary, especially without a firewall appliance (or unix box) in front of it -- I'd run the MS Baseline Security Analyzer, get all the fixes from windowsupdate, and block all connections to the server except those you meant to allow as there are a lot of services you can't turn off.

    As far as new accounts, doesn't a control panel handle that for you (have only used one)?

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    It is very important to try to lockdown your Windows box, before you put people on it, disable unused services, use url scan. Lock down IIS as much as possible. Once you are down with that I would get a book and read up.

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    Hello -

    I dont think your DC will install Helm and do basic security and lockdown on your server.

    If you want you can contact us and we'll install Helm along with Basic Security and Lockdown.

    This is what we generally do with Helm installation, configuration and security.

    Server Security :

    1) Set most restrcitive permissions possible at root of drive and other folders.
    2) Disable Null sessions to prevent unauthized access to user list on machine, which can then be used with a password cracker to gain illegal access to machine.
    3) Install URLScan to prevent malicious requests from getting to IIS and causing a buffer overflow.
    4) Enable ASP.NET impersonation, so that clients can not access other customers directories.
    5) IIS Mods/Permissions/Various Log File Generation
    6) MailServer Security/Mail Relaying settings to protect SPAM
    7) FTP Security
    8) Front Page Extensions Security
    9) Installing MBSA
    10) Event Logging etc.

    Software Installations :

    - MS-SQL Enterprise Manager (To Manage Helm's MSDE if required)
    - Active Perl 5.8.x ( Latest )
    - PHP CGI 4.3.x, Zend Optimizer 2.5.2 for Windows
    - Soap Toolkit 3.0
    - MS XML 4 SP2
    - Winzip 9.0
    - MySQL Database Server 4.0.x ( Latest) , ODBC Drivers, phpMyAdmin, mySQL Front and MySQL Admin
    - AwStats 6.4 ( Latest )
    - EditPad Lite Text Editor
    - Jmail 4.4, aspSmartUpload, Persists ASPMail/ASPUpload
    (All Free/Trial Versions. You need to get licenses for them)
    - Helm Latest
    - Mail Server

    PM me if you are interested. You can also contact me on MSN < Rubal @ Rubal .Net >

    Rubal Jain // E-Mail - Rubal [at] Rubal.Net
    Helm Control Panel Setup, Installation, Configuration, Troubleshooting
    Helm Server Move, Service Migrations, Restorations, IP Renumbering
    Windows Server Setup, Configuration, Troubleshooting, Basic Security & Hardening

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