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    Need a lyric script

    With the following feature

    1) search engine friendly, like static pages
    2) in perl or php is ok
    3) ability to search within artist and song title
    4) prices can be bargained


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    can vouch for the guy, great script also

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    Hi! We at Graphire Design can do this for you. We have many years of experience with PHP/MySql

    Portfolio: www . graphiredesigns . com
    E-mail: kristoffer @ graphiredesigns . com
    MSN: kristoffer @ graphiredesigns . com
    AIM: kristofferGD

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    you can consider this before spending out your money.
    http :// sourceforge . net / project / showfiles.php?group_id=112209&package_id=148475

    anyway, custom script may come more handy.

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    just checked out the script contentmoniker url listed by bloodyveins and it is good for a free script.

    basic adding and listing of lyrics. :-)
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