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    * Medium Size Web Hosting Company for Sale (About 200 Clients)

    Hello Everyone,

    It is with deep sadness that I must post this thread here today. As of right now, my company is entertaining offers for the sellout of our webhosting clients.

    Reason: The webhositng has become a confilct with my current intrests/job and I no longer have any time for the company.


    Recurring Income Summary:
    30-Day Records: 104 ($1215.55USD)
    90-Day Records: 20 ($374.80USD)
    180-Day Records: 11 ($415.89USD)
    360-Day Records: 61 ($4695.49USD)
    Total Records: 196
    Est. Annual Income ($21613.07 USD)

    This is a rough estimate of the types...
    10% Shared Hosting
    80% Reseller Hosting
    8% Dedicated Servers
    2% VDS

    All of our packages are sensible and are close to the industry standard. Clients are billed via or PayPal.

    What's Also Included....

    Owned WHMAP License

    Leased Kayako e-Support

    Leased CCS

    VariLogix account

    Outsourced Support (Handles all support tickets and chat requests for a small fee)

    4 Servers
    One Celeron, One P4, Two Xeons

    The P4 and Two Xeons both have RVSkin and Fantastico.

    DirectI Domain Name Reseller - $6.99/Domains


    I am entertaining offers of $18,000 and above. I do not want the hassle of monthly payments. Note, The company name is NOT included in this offer and neither are the websites. However, we would consider selling the entire company with name and all for $23,000+ (includes MANY things, 30+ domains, everything setup, etc).

    Please post any questions in this thread and e-mail your offers to [email protected]. I will release the company name and further details only under a signed NDA.

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    Re: Medium Size Web Hosting Company for Sale (About 200 Clients)

    Originally posted by H4Sale
    Note, The company name is NOT included in this offer and neither are the websites. However, we would consider selling the entire company with name and all for $23,000+ (includes MANY things, 30+ domains, everything setup, etc)
    If we don't buy the domain and website, who will be using it? It sounds like you will be in competition with the new owner if you are holding on to the brand name and 30+ domains.


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    Scott I was thinking the same thing too it sounded like a good investment till that part. Can the poster please clarify this and what the intent is to do with those names if they decide not to purchase them.

    Thanks in advance
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    Better question; would you be willing to sign a non-compete form for a specified period of time? - A worldwide leader in Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting.

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    Also, have the customers been informed of the pending sale?
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    I will sign a Non-Compete agreement on the company name. We will probably convert into webdesign or coding (something not as time intensive).

    Here's what I'll do. I'll probably give away one of the company names with the sale. Almost all accounts were sold through this company (its like a daughter company). That will be included in the sale.

    As for the main company name, I would like to keep it but I can always take offers.

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    Where is the company located? Any legal doc (ie non-compete, etc) are almost impossible to enforce if your company is located outside U.S.

    I've dealt with a few purchases and anytime I hear that the owner wants to keep the name that usually raises a red flag. Good luck to whom ever buys it...


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    Company is located in Texas. Any legal documents can be easily enfourced.

    I want to keep the company name because I started this company in 2001. The name is me. I've developed into it and everyone knows me by that. Losing it would truely be like losing a part of me. However, like I said, I am willing to part with the main company name for the right price.

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    This sounds interesting...

    First of all, what are you plan's prices? I know you say industry-standard, but that standard is going down... Also, are you asking for the total purchase price at once? Finally, How long have these clients been with you?

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    I'll disclose the plan prices with a signed NDA.

    I don't want the total price at once, but there needs to be a down payment of half of the price.

    Alot of clients have been with us for over a year (some even two).

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    Current Bid: $14,000

    I want to sell by the end of this week if possible.

    Fred T
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    PM Sent...

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    Company Name

    What is your Legal Company name?
    Are there any partners or investors that we need to be aware of?

    Since you are in Texas, it shouldn't be an hassle pulling up some public information on your company


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    I would be more then happy to disclose that under a signed NDA.

    No partners/investors. I am the owner.

    I do not want to disclose the name of the company on a public forum.

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