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    Looking for ideas regarding Server/DNS migration

    I have 7 cPanel servers that I'm migrating to 7 new cPanel servers at a different data center. Since I am moving to a new data center, I am unable to keep my IP's. Migrating the accounts etc isn't going to be a problem, however I am looking for ideas on how to best handle DNS.

    Each of the 7 servers are currently running their own set of name servers, there is no clustering involved. I am thinking that I could use the same name server hostnames on the new servers than just switch the IPs at the registrar when the accounts are copied over. This would prevent users from having to update their name servers. The only problem I see with this is that propagation will cause data to be at least 24 hours old which may be a problem.

    What is the best method to go about this? Is there a better way that I can migrate the servers without causing a problem with outdated files due to propagation?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You can avoid downtime if you can keep your current servers for two or three days ie until the update is propagated. It involves some work though. You can update the ip at your registrar as per your suggestion. Now update the dns zone files for all the domains ( in your current name server ) to point to new IP. This will cause the domains to point to the new server. Hope this helps.

    Let me know how it goes.

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    Just keep the TTL low on *every* DNS entry that you haved in all of the named databases.

    It will add some extra work to the servers but definitely worth it.
    Something insanely tiny like 600 should do the trick.

    Make the change to 600 - wait 24 hours and then begin migrating the data, after completion make the nameserver modifications and keep the TTL low on the new server and then change all of the 'old' ip links in the old named databases on the old server to 'redirect' to the new server.

    This should basically make it somewhat flawless - expect some minor issues with missing forum posts and whatnot but most users won't notice it at all.

    (Let them know ahead of time!)
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