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    Mysqldump file size vs reported mysql disk usage

    I'm just doing a check to see if my backup files are in order and I am noticing large differences in file size between the mysqldump output and the actual disk space used by the database in the filesystem.
    Cpanel reports 4gig database usage, du reports 4gig but the mysqldump file is substantially smaller. Does the database in the filesystem take up more room than a dump file? If so, why? Is it due to caching of data for speed and easier access?

    Also, about the speed of mysql dump.. I am currently running a manual mysqldump of a different 7.5gig database. This is using about 25% of the processor on a dual xeon2.8gig machine and is only writing out to the dump file at about 0.4meg per minute. Is this normal? Does anyone else here have experience of backing up large mysql databases? I don't really want to get into replication unless I really have to.

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    With regards to the first question, the databases themselves will take up more room on the disk due to indexes, etc. This should be a normal occurance.

    Can't help with the second question I'm afraid as the biggest database I've ever delt with was about 200mb.


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