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    Basic technical questions on reseller account

    I am new to this forum and new to this business also. I am an web programmer ( PHP MySQL) and wants to enter into hosting area with a reseller pack. I have 5 sites of my own and 3 more are going to come up. Here are some very basic ( dumb ) technical questions.

    1. After booking a domain name I point to my present hosts name server ( name server 1, name server 2, IP1 and IP2 ). What I understand is if I can have my own name server and advantage of this is that my customers will deal with my own name server. How much extra I have to pay for this?
    2. If I change my reseller account to some other service provider account then how easy it is to change my sites along with my name server? I have to manually change all the sites ( dns pointing ) ? What about the name server name, how to change it?
    3. If I start with a site with name to offer hosting then can my name server name be same or I have to buy different name again and point to one IP of my reseller hosting provider?
    4. I found here reseller offers as low as $7 / month, if I am hosting two sites ( @ $4 ) then it is better to go for a reseller pack than two only hosting packs. Is there any catch here ? Or I am not going to get database support ( MySQL ) etc with reseller ( basic ) packs.
    5. Any other recommendation / link for details will be highly appreciated.


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    Your answers would be...

    1. Usually the NS's are free from the person you are getting your account from, but that's also depending on your host. Other than that, there should be no other problems

    2. If you change hosts, your IP for the Name Server would be different, thus you will have to change that with you registrar of the domain. Usually it takes a few hours but some could be done in a matter of minutes... propogation usually takes around a few hours to 3 days (full propogation). If the domain names are all in the same registrar, then changing it once will change the entire range of your domains which has the same NS (Name Servers).

    3. You do not have to buy additional domain names and etc. If you have your reseller site as, then your NS would most probably be and, but the names in front (ns1 & ns2) could easily be changed to something else as well...

    4. If you are hosting 2 sites at $4 each and found a reseller site for only $7 / month with the same specs, then I'd say the hell with the $4 each and jump directly to the $7/month reseller. Support and what not is the same as you get if you're a shared hosting client.

    5. Recommendation? Well... yes... do not just look for cheap reseller accounts. Check them out 1st. Do NOT jump on the boat of the cheapest reseller account you could find. You might regret later. Do a search on them 1st and then... if they are good and is OK with you, then go with them, else there's a thousand more ppl out there.

    Hope this helps... Should you need any other help or something, just PM me or something. Have a great day!
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    2. Have in mind that most of the hosts can register
    name servers not only for one domain name but for more.
    If you have a customer that needs a private DNSes for his domain name, contact the support in order to see if they can register private DNSes for a specific domain name.

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