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    Website Design with Javascript & PHP Form Mails

    I am selling the design at, complete with both PHP form mails for contact & quote including some instructions on how to change where the E-Mail sends to etc. And including the javascript for form validation prior to submit, and the expand / retract controls on each page.

    I am selling it all for $99.95 USD including PSD, HTML, CSS, PHP & JavaScript Source. All is 100% custom, fully yours, never sold before, never sold again, yours with FULL, EXCLUSIVE rights, you can resell it, even put it in your companies port folio, what ever you want.

    I accept PayPal or Most Major credit cards ( via )

    For more information please contact [email protected], my PayPal account is currently an International, Verified Business Account (15)

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    Comma in your url:

    That is an incredibly nice site. Well worth the money.

    Tell you what, if I take first in this poker tourney I'm in right now, I'll buy it. (And this isn't some stupid thing, I'm quite good at poker, placed 3rd in a tourney last night).
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    Alright, I hope you do come first, for my sake

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    Sold, thanks for all offers.

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