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    cPanel Flash Tutorials


    i am interested in buying cPanel/WHM and H-sphere flash tutorials, can you help me in finding good deals

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    I just had a good experience with DemoStorm
    Dana aka Laci My Alter Ego
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    you can find the best deal amongst certified dealers list at

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    I am using the free flash domain and cpanel tutorials from:
    My friends, it's nice to know that you are there when I need you.

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    demostorm is the best for this task

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    Dana and Peter. Thanks for the kind words. We are confident in our own product to give you guys a list of other providers

    There are a few others but these seem to be among those who are actually in the business and not just someone rolling out a few demos and vanishing into the woodwork. If I forgot one its not a slight. You can just add it in.

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    Yes, demostorm is the best for this

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    I think cheapdemos has the better demos and prices.

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    If a low price is what you're lookng for, try . Has CPanel tutorials only, for now, but they're free.

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    Brandeddemo is awsome!

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    I'll certainly vouch for DemoDemo. Vito, the owner of DemoDemo, is a great guy. His service and professionalism is about as good as they come.
    - Jamie Harrop

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    did anyone download them before his site expired that could send them to me, brandeddemo that is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Corcoran
    demostorm is the best for this task
    I checked out their site ( last month and it said the site was suspended. Just checked them out again and now there are just a bunch of file names. No active web site. Also I noticed it appears demostorm's screenname here on WHT has been suspended. Oh well.

    I'm going to purchase from Demo Demo. They seem reliable.


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    DemoDemo is worth the money, IMHO.

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    I had a bad time with

    They screwed up my large order and then said they would make it right after I threatened a chargeback. Then they just ignored me and don't reply to any emails. No phone number listed on site.

    I guess they figure if they ignore me for a month they will not get the chargeback.

    The whole order was $110 so I'm not losing any sleep. I am short three sets of demos and I'll just buy them elsewhere.

    I've sent about 5 emails with no reply and filled out the form on the site twice.

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    Thought id pipe in here, one providor hasn't been added and i've seen them make a lot of progress the last cpl of months.

    That just about makes the providor list complete Tutorials, Brilliantly Priced, Outstanding Quality Customised with your logo ONLY
    Cpanel, WHM, Direct Admin, Plesk, Filezilla, SmartFTP, Fantastico ETC Avaliable In Spansh, English, French and Brazilian-Portuguese Advanced Hosting Solution, Offering End User, Reseller, Dedicated, Web Hosting Solutions!
    Coming ~ Offering Excellent value Voice Products incuding: Ventrillo, TeamSpeak and Shoutcast Servers!

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    We have good experience with CheapDemos, I recommend it our clients.
    They offer good quality product and very good price.

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    Well if your talking to Chris at ask him why he hasn't emailed Tony about his missing demos. I hope he doesn't screw your order up then you might get the same as I am getting.

    They appear to just ignore all inquiries about my missing demos.

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